BSc and MSc Theses supervised (mostly in Hungarian)

[Mathematics Education] [MSc] [BSc]

Master of Education in Mathematics

Klára TAMÁS (2019):
Extreme value problems at secondary school


Ágnes BODÓ (MSc in Applied Mathematics, 2015):
Analysis of oscillations in network processes (in Hungarian)

Fanni SÉLLEY (MSc in Mathematics, 2014):
Receding horizon control of an SIS Epidemic: optimality and asymptotic stability (in English)


András Vályi (BSc in Applied Mathematics, 2019):
From a problem of Darboux to discrete Fourier transform

Dóra CSAJKÓ (BSc in Applied Mathematics, 2017):
Maximum and minimum principles

Borbála NEOGRÁDY-KISS (BSc in Mathematics Education, 2015):
Adventures around the Intermediate Value Theorem (in Hungarian)

Tímea SZABÓ (BSc in Mathematics Education, 2015):
The logaritmic mean (in Hungarian)

Dániel CSÁSZÁR (BSc in Applied Mathematics, 2014):
Mean value theorems in mathematical analysis (in Hungarian)

Krisztina KŐHALMI (BSc in Mathematics Education), 2014):
Inequalities in contest problems (in Hungarian)

Manuéla HORVÁTH (BSc in Mathematics Education, 2014):
Taxicabs, distances and metric spaces (in Hungarian)

Dániel PRESSING (BSc in Mathematics Education, 2014):
Some interesting sums (in Hungarian)

Júlia SIMON (BSc in Mathematics Education, 2014):
Let's think with the help of Physics! (in Hungarian)

Ágnes BODÓ (BSc Mathematics Education, 2012):
Existence theorems in the theory of differential equations (in Hungarian)

Anita CSUKA (BSc Mathematical Analyst, 2012):
The number e (in Hungarian)

Réka GONDOS (BSc in Applied Mathematics, 2012):
Differential equations in everyday life (in Hungarian)

Réka PALOTAY (BSc Mathematical Analyst, 2012):
Differetial equations and their applications (in Hungarian)

Attila JOÓ (BSc in Applied Mathematics, 2011):
Riemann's rearrangement theorem in higher dimensions (in Hungarian)

Mónika JÓZSA (BSc in Applied Mathematics, 2011):
Means, recurrences and their applications (in Hungarian)

Ilona BÉCSI (BSc Mathematical Analyst, 2010):
The history of π (in Hungarian)

Dorottya FÓRIZS (BSc in Mathematics Education, 2010):
Extremal value problems in high school (in Hungarian)

Anikó LUKÁCS (BSc in Mathematics Education, 2010):
The history of mathematical analysis in the 17–18th century (in Hungarian)

Anikó MOLNÁR (BSc in Mathematics Education, 2010):
Famous inequalities (in Hungarian)